January 8, 2020

States Are Staying On Trend in 2020 as New Cannabis Initiatives Are Launched

2020 is poised to be a big year in cannabis. Thirty-three states across the U.S. have now legalized cannabis for medical purposes. Illinois just made history by enacting the first recreational marijuana initiative to focus on social equity and justice measures to help communities most affected by the war on drugs. Also, New Jersey residents are voting on a recreational cannabis initiative this November and Governor Andrew Cuomo has promised that New York would legalize marijuana this year.

Furthermore, passive Cannabidiol (CBD) products have been very popular since 2018 and will most likely continue to be all the rage in the coming month. As of now, the FDA is reviewing CBD merchandise but has not yet issued formal guidance. Nevertheless, regulators are targeting an entrenched illicit market while businesses denounce tax increases and local control measures that put limitations on the distribution of cannabis products.

We may expect that innovation will continue to drive consumer experiences in 2020 as growing competition will most likely increase quality will while costs are lowered. Will the 2020’s be the cannabis decade? We will have to stay tuned to find out.

January 6, 2020

Illinois Legalizes Cannabis with the Beginning of a New Decade

As of January 1, 2020 Illinois consumers aged 21 and older can purchase cannabis for recreational use from licensed sellers with or without a medical marijuana card. As such, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize cannabis after the bill was signed into law last June by Governor J.B. Pritzker. Within the first twelve days of this decade, about 500,000 purchases had been made by costumers, and dispensaries ended up selling recreational marijuana products totaling about $20 million, a true testament to cannabis’ purchasing power in the United States.

For now, dispensaries are the only legal sellers of cannabis infused goods in the state, yet experts have predicted that beginning mid-year, Illinois will grant additional licenses for new cultivators, processors, and stores, so we might not be too far off from seeing cannabis consumption cafes popping up in the state.

Illinois’ residents are allowed to possess up to 30 grams, or about one once, of marijuana plant material, five grams of concentrated cannabis products, and edibles with no more than 500mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in total. For non-residents of the state, purchases of half of these amounts are allowed. Maybe it’s time to finally plan that trip to Chicago. 

January 2, 2020

Ontario Opens its Doors to More Cannabis Products Than Ever Before

Our Canadian neighbors have kicked-off the new decade with new cannabis merchandise –  edibles, vapes and beverages are now legally available in Ontario. Comparable marijuana products became legal across the country last October, initiating the second wave of the federal government’s legalization plan that was launched in 2018. Now for the first time, goods are at-hand for officially sanctioned purchase in the Canadian state of Ontario.

Moreover, new cannabis products hit the shelves just last week and are on sale online after January 16. As such, prices for these latest cannabis offerings will range from $7 to $14 for edibles while beverages are sold between $4 and $10 and vapes will be priced anywhere from $25 to $125. Even though the initiative will predictably take time to take off, business are starting to balance production and supply with demands as shops are establishing their on and offline presence. We’re excited to see what cannabis brands take hold and become local favorites across the territory as we continue to keep an eye on the Canadian market.