Our Canadian neighbors have kicked-off the new decade with new cannabis merchandise –  edibles, vapes and beverages are now legally available in Ontario. Comparable marijuana products became legal across the country last October, initiating the second wave of the federal government’s legalization plan that was launched in 2018. Now for the first time, goods are at-hand for officially sanctioned purchase in the Canadian state of Ontario.

Moreover, new cannabis products hit the shelves just last week and are on sale online after January 16. As such, prices for these latest cannabis offerings will range from $7 to $14 for edibles while beverages are sold between $4 and $10 and vapes will be priced anywhere from $25 to $125. Even though the initiative will predictably take time to take off, business are starting to balance production and supply with demands as shops are establishing their on and offline presence. We’re excited to see what cannabis brands take hold and become local favorites across the territory as we continue to keep an eye on the Canadian market.